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Place Ierissos Athos Info and Map for Ierissos Athos Chalkidiki

Latitude:( 40.3975466 ) Longitude:( 23.8766837 )

Ierissos Athos Map
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Info for Ierissos Athos

Ierissos is one of the most beautiful areas of Chalkidiki with rich historical and cultural heritage . Still preserved ruins of the ancient city wall .

Ierissos is the continuation of ancient Acanthus , which was a colony of Andros in the 7th century BC

The shipyards Ierissos is one from the older in Greece , with large shipbuilders .

The tranquil atmosphere that prevails in Ierisso and beach length of 11 km with crystal clear waters will provide peace and relaxation .

On the beach of Ierissos you can visit the Aquarium which houses fish , seafood and shellfish from the Gulf of Ierissos .

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