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Place Nikiti Info and Map for Nikiti Sithonia Chalkidiki

Latitude:( 40.2212006 ) Longitude:( 23.6701378 )

Nikiti Map
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Info for Nikiti

The Nikiti is the beautiful capital of the municipality Sithonia Halkidiki.

Nikiti from Thessaloniki 90 km , at the beginning of the peninsula of Sithonia and so is an ideal location for those wanting to explore the beautiful peninsula .

In village Nikitis ( Nikitas) with the Macedonian architecture of the houses , you can walk the streets and admire the preserved homes from 1830 , the Church of St. Nikita and old school .

The Nikiti can buy honey directly from excellent producers .

With a coastline of more than 25km , Nikiti has some of the most beautiful beaches of Sithonia .

Nikiti worth seeing the Basilica Sofroniou , Early Christian basilica built in the first half of the 5th century AD Preserved reliefs and mosaics rare , high quality colorful marble inlays .

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