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Place Afytos Kassanras Info and Map for Afytos Kassandra Chalkidiki

Latitude:( 40.0985691 ) Longitude:( 23.4364208 )

Afytos Kassanras Map
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Info for Afytos Kassanras

Afytos is the most picturesque and traditional village of Halkidiki.

Afytos is built on a cliff that leads to the sea .

The history of Afytos counts many centuries , as mentioned in the texts of Aristotle , Herodotus , Thucydides  , Pausanias , Strabo , etc. Afytos in antiquity issue their own currency , which bore the head of Zeus Ammon .

Afytos beach with white sand and green waters , resulting in a hidden cove.

It can see the old stone houses with inscriptions and reliefs other.

In the central square of Afytos works  folklore museum .

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