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Place Stratoni Athos Info and Map for Ierissos Athos Chalkidiki

Latitude:( 40.5145005 ) Longitude:( 23.8253162 )

Stratoni Athos Map
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Info for Stratoni Athos

Stratoni is a large coastal village in Halkidiki .

Excavations in 1962 showed that Stratoni built on the site of ancient Stratonikis . This city was mentioned by Claudius Ptolemy , but places it wrong Sigiticos bay .

South of the Stratoni  , on the hillsides , tombs found exploded and later Roman era . Also shells were collected Hellenistic and Byzantine era and stamped amphora handle .

The lovely beach of Stratoni stretches 800 meters and many times awarded with the Blue Flag .

The Stratoni  you can see dolphins passing by the bay and the playback of the hippocampus , just below the loading ladder and a depth of 8 meters.

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