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Place Nea Fokea Kassandras Info and Map for Nea Fokea Kassandra Chalkidiki

Latitude:( 40.1331933 ) Longitude:( 23.3988270 )

Nea Fokea Kassandras Map
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Info for Nea Fokea Kassandras

Nea  Fokea is a beautiful seaside village of Halkidiki .

The beaches of Nea  Fokea  are amazing , with blue waters and pine trees almost touching the sea .

In Nea  Fokea  to visit the Byzantine Tower , which was built in 1407 . See also the sanctification of the Apostle Paul , which is a carved Macedonian tomb , in the rocky area of the village where there Apostle Paul went to escape his pursuers . Inside the rooms and an underground passage that leads to the holy water .

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