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Place Polygyros Chalkidiki Info and Map for Polygyros Mounten Chalkidiki

Latitude:( 40.3820488 ) Longitude:( 23.4418606 )

Polygyros Chalkidiki Map
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Info for Polygyros Chalkidiki

Poligiros is the capital of the prefecture of Halkidiki.

Poligiros is built in a beautiful valley at the foot of Mount Cholomonta .

In the northern part of Polygyros spread beautiful hillsides full of oaks that form a beautiful forest .

In the southern part of Polygyros low hills , streams and ravines leading to fertile slopes , where the vast stretches of olive Poligiros ( with over 350,000 trees ) .

In the Polygyros reveals the ancient Apollonia .

The Archaeological Museum Polygyros you can see exhibits coming from all over Halkidiki . These exhibits covering prehistoric times , but the geometry , the Archaic , Classical , Hellenistic and Roman period . It exhibits the finds from the excavations at ancient Olynthus .

The Folklore Museum Polygyros , housed in the residence Karagani worth to see traditional costumes , agricultural tools and representation of urban house at the beginning of the twentieth century .

The famous Six Fountains characteristic mark of Polygyros .

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