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Sights Ancient City Stagira Info and Map for Olympiada Athos Chalkidiki

Latitude:( 40.5900561 ) Longitude:( 23.7935273 )

Ancient City Stagira Map
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Info for Ancient City Stagira

Ancient Stagira , the birthplace of Aristotle , the greatest philosopher of antiquity , teacher of Alexander the Great , located approximately 500 m southeast of the village of the Olympics , on a small, mountainous peninsula called " Liotopi " . Founded by colonists from Andros circa 655 BC the eastern mountainous neck of Halkidiki , while later there arrived settlers from Chalcis .

After the Persian wars became a member of the Athenian Alliance , but rebelled against the Peloponnesian war and allied with the Spartans , which angered the Athenians besieged the city but to no avail . Later Stagira joined the Common Chalkidean , ie the confederation of all cities of Halkidiki , which was established Olynthus . In 349 BC the city was besieged and destroyed by King Philip II , who rebuilt in honor of Aristotle. It seems that this disaster by Philip signaled the decline of the city and the geographer Strabo , who lived in the time of Christ , says Stagira was deserted . A thousand years later about , refers to the same site, the existence of a medieval castle , which was called " Livasdias " and later " Lipsasda ."

The excavations have brought to light early classic fortifications , which maintained an overwhelming number of public buildings in the Agora ( as the Stoa of classical times ) , an ancient temple , a Thesmoforio , houses Classical and Hellenistic periods as and the water supply system of the city.

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Αριστοτέλης Αρχαία Στάγειρα - Aristotelis Ancient City Stagira
Αριστοτέλης Αρχαία Στάγειρα - Aristotelis Ancient City Stagira

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