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Beach Drenia Gaidouronisi Amoulian Info and Map for Amouliani Athos Chalkidiki

Latitude:( 40.3099657 ) Longitude:( 23.9578143 )

Drenia Gaidouronisi Amoulian Map
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Info for Drenia Gaidouronisi Amoulian

The islets Drenia or Gaidouronisia located across Ouranoupoli. Their name was taken from the largest islet area, the Drenia. The other islands, which are smaller, have names like Feti, Penna, Artemis etc.

In six islands will find a paradise with unique bays, golden beaches and clear blue waters. The emerald waters and beautiful beaches, combined with the lush landscape will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

In islets Drenia you can go with your own boat or rent a boat from Ouranoupoli or the Kamboudi (not required diploma).

You can also go to the boats that make the daily itinerary, the staircase Ouranoupolis (in front of the Tower).

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