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Place Ano Perdina Ano soudena Info and Map for Ano Pedina Κεντρικό Ζαγόρι, Κοιλάδα του Άνω Βίκου Zagorochoria

Latitude:( 39.8814634 ) Longitude:( 20.7065317 )

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Ano Pedina is a pretty village of Ioannina and belongs to the Central Zagori. It is one of the 46 Zagorochoria of Epirus. Built on the southern slopes of Tymfi at an altitude of 960m., has about 100 permanent residents. Originally the village was called Ano (Upper) Soudena. In 1928  was renamed in Ano Kampos and a year later, in 1929 got its present name Ano Pedina. The word Soudena must come from the Slavic word Studend meaning "cold." John Lampridis, an important person who descended from Ano Pedina, interprets the place name Stoudena as "cold place" and informs us that this was the name of Ano and Kato (Down) Pedina until 1634. In Ano Pedina visitors can admire the Zagorian architecture of the traditional settlement.


Ano Pedina is 35 km. away from Ioannina. From Thessaloniki you can cover a distance of 260 km.through Egnatia Road and arrive in Ioannina,or head to Konitsa. From Athens you can come to Ioannina via Patras, covering 445km., or via the National Road Athens - Lamia.


In Ano Pedina you can see the Labriadios Housekeeping School where some years ago were taking place weaving lessons and now consists a treasure for our culture. Also, the Annunciation Monastery was built in 1647 and functioned as a "secret school". The exterior of the monastery of the Annunciation resembles a fortress and the reverse side consists of a cell complex. The church is a basilica with a dome. The Monastery of the Annunciation, located at the entrance of the village, was characterized in 1972 as preserved Byzantine monument. In recent years the monastery is closed, but the residents take care of it and continue the celebration of the Annunciation, which marks the beginning of the remaining Zagoria festivals. In Ano Pedina you can, even, see the Church of  Agios Dimitrios (St. Demetrius), built in 1793. The church of Agios Dimitrios in Ano Pedina stands out in particular for the arched gallery that is on both sides. Additionally, you can visit the Church of Agios Georgios (St. George) and the Assumption in Ano Pedina, as well as the monastery of Agia Paraskevi located just 1 km. from Ano Pedina. There you can enjoy the incredible view offered by the Monastery of Agia Paraskevi to Mountain Mitsikeli. These attractions are typical examples of Zagorian art.
Among the Ano and Kato Pedina there is the Soudenitikos plain. The sight is gorgeous as between the mountains pops a fertile valley. In the Soudenitiko plain they cultivate mainly legumes, grains, cereals and vines. Worth seeing is also the 5 stone wells that exist to Kato Pedina.
From Ano Pedina descended the Teacher of the Nation Neophytos Doukas. Neophytos Doukas was one of the most important representatives of the Greek Enlightenment. At the language issue, however, adopted conservative views and opposed the municipality. Because of this, his life and his work remain unknown. Another important person of Ano Pedina was John Lampridis , who was a doctor, historian, philosopher and writer.


In Ano Pedina there are hotels, apartments and hostels. There are also taverns and restaurants serving dishes of local cuisine. The natural beauty and the traditional element is diffuse. Guests can experience the pure products of the village and the traditional Zagori pies. As in all Zagorochoria, so in Ano Pedina you can indulge in numerous outdoor activities.


If you visit Ano Pedina, do not miss the chance to see the other nearby Zagorochoria. Also, you can visit Ioannina and Metsovo.

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Άνω Πεδινά Άνω Σουδενά
Άνω Πεδινά Άνω Σουδενά

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