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Place Pramanta Info and Map for Pramanta Τζουμέρκα Tzoumerka

Latitude:( 39.5228608 ) Longitude:( 21.1045363 )

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Pramanta of the prefecture of Ioannina in Epirus is one of the so-called Mastorochoria. Pramanta is a large village that once was the seat of the Municipality of Pramanta. It is built at an altitude of 830 m. at the foot of Strogoula’s top and because of its location offers unique view. In the village live about 1150 residents. Pramanta is highly developed as they have town hall, health center, schools, post office, police station, library, citizen service center, shops, cafes and taverns. It is speculated that the settlement was developed in the mid of 15th century. It is worth noting that Pramanta participated in the revolutions to throw off the Turkish yoke and that the village was transformed into a base of thieves and armed.


Pramanta are 55 km. away from Ioannina, 249 km. from Thessaloniki, 419 km. from Athens and 225 km. from Patra.


In the square of Pramanta with the perennial plane tree is the church of Agia Paraskevi and the stone fountain "Nigger". Apart from the monastery of Agia Paraskevi that is located just outside the village, in the region will pique your interest and other churches such as the Church of Asproklissias and the Monastery of Kipina. What you definitely should not miss is the cave "Anemotrypa". It is a cave with stalactites, stalagmites, waterfalls, lakes and underground river. Also interesting are the largest arched bridge in the Balkans, the bridge of Plaka, the traditional watermill of Christoi, the mountain lodge "Straightening" and the water of the Skala sources that has healing properties. Those interested in mountain climbing or hiking will find appropriate routes in Strogoula. The natural beauties in Pramanta are countless, among them the lush forests, rivers, mountains, waterfalls and other beautiful and impressive landscapes.


For your stay in Pramanta there are many accommodations, including hotels, hostels and rooms that are addressed to different tastes of visitors and promise to offer a comfortable and pleasant stay in the village. In the cafes and taverns that exist in Pramanta you can taste the traditional Epirus flavors such as local meats, pies and pastries.


Close to Pramanta are located Ioannina and Arta, which is about 65 km away. Some of the nearby villages are Christoi, Kistades, Paleochori, Tsopela etc.

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Πράμαντα Τζουμέρκα Pramanta Tzoumerka
Πράμαντα Τζουμέρκα Pramanta Tzoumerka
Πράμαντα Τζουμέρκα Pramanta Tzoumerka
Πράμαντα Τζουμέρκα Pramanta Tzoumerka

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