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Place Voulgareli Info and Map for Voulgareli Τζουμέρκα Tzoumerka

Latitude:( 39.3710628 ) Longitude:( 21.1837258 )

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Vourgareli is located in Epirus and belongs to the prefecture of Arta. Built on the outskirts of Tzoumerka, at an altitude of 900m., Vourgareli are among the most beautiful villages. The village was renamed after the war by presidential decree in Drosopigi for 30 years from 1950 to 1980, but finally the name Vourgareli prevailed. This name came from someone named Vourgareli that existed in the region.


Vourgareli is 58 km. away from Arta, 85 km. from Ioannina, 324 km. from Thessaloniki, 401 km. from Athens and 207 km. from Patra.


In Vourgareli you could first see the beautiful square, the Red Byzantine Church, the Monastery of St. George and the church of St. Nicholas. The Red Church or Mary Vellas was built in 1281 and is one of the most important monuments of Epirus. It is located 3 km. south of Vourgareli, in the settlement Paleochori. The name Red Church was probably due to the red color of the building materials. The monastery of St. George built in 1690, is located north of the village and in 1957 was listed historic monument. During the Ottoman Empire functioned as a spiritual and religious center. The church of St. Nicholas is located in the village square and was built in 1951-52. Previously,  in the same position was the previous church that was burned in 1943 by the Germans. Also in Vourgareli you will see the fountains "Arxonto" and "Krystallo" built in 1926. According to tradition, whoever stranger drinks water from there is getting married in Vourgareli. At Paleochori place is an archaeological site, where you can see the ruins of an ancient citadel. Also in the village there is a monument to the fallen of 1943. In the surrounding area of ​​the village there are many stone bridges and water mills.


For your stay in Vourgareli you can stay at one of the hotels or guesthouses in the village. In the village there are also restaurants to try the local cuisine. In the area of ​​Tzoumerka honey, wine, sweets, nuts are just some of the many local products.


Near Vourgareli are Arta and Ioannina. Adjoining villages that you can visit are Theodoriana, Athamanio and Kypseli.

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Βουργαρέλι Τζουμέρκα Voulgareli Tzoumerka
Βουργαρέλι Τζουμέρκα Voulgareli Tzoumerka

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