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Place Theodoriana Info and Map for Theodoriana Τζουμέρκα Tzoumerka

Latitude:( 39.4355228 ) Longitude:( 21.2099282 )

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Theodoriana is a beautiful mountain village of Tzoumerka in the heart of Epirus. The village is located in the prefecture of Arta and borders with the prefecture of Trikala. Rich flora and streams make up the stunning scenery of the village. Theodoriana are designated as the village with the most waters in Greece. The area of Theodoriana is crossed the tributaries of Acheloos, Goura and Aspri Goura. Since 1997 the inhabitants of Theodoriana gave many races to prevent the construction of hydroelectric dams in the two main rivers of the village. One of these was constructed, with obvious harmful effects on the environment. But residents’ battles succeed, because after the decision of the Council of State the construction of other hydroelectric dams were banned. This has marked the recent history of Theodoriana.


Theodoriana are 80 km. away from Arta, 92 km. from Ioannina, 294 km. from Thessaloniki, 400 km. from Athens and 224 km. from Patra.


In Theodoriana the main attraction are the waterfalls Souda reaching 25 meters. The waterfalls are two, of the largest in Greece and are formed from Aspri Goura river. In the square stands the church of St. George built in 1887. Also in Theodoriana will find the church of Mary with the imposing church dating from 1793. In the church opened school in which taught Anthimos Argyropoulos, who was a scholar cleric and member of the Friendly Company. In the village there is an old water mill built in 1918, but at the entrance there is freshman running water mill and fulling. Both mills belong to the church of St. George. Outside Theodoriana, at location "Stavros" stands the monument in honor of fallen soldiers who lost their lives in August 1821 in the battle between Greeks and Turkish Albanians. Also in the area you can see the mountain lodge at location "Lakkos", the gorge of Agia Triada, fir forests, the plateau of Kostilatas and the park of mountain activities in the position "Livadi", directed from Theodoriana to Athamanio.


In Theodoriana you will find suggestions for your stay. There are hotels and hostels where you can stay if you visit the village. In taverns you can try the local meat. Do not forget to try the Tzoumerkiotikes pies and sweets.


Near Theodoriana are the cities of Ioannina, Arta and Trikala. If you visit Theodoriana, you can visit other nearby villages like Athamanio, Vourgareli, Neraida etc.

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Θεοδώριανα Τζουμέρκα Theodoriana Tzoumerka
Θεοδώριανα Τζουμέρκα Theodoriana Tzoumerka

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