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Place Syrrako Info and Map for Syrrako Τζουμέρκα Tzoumerka

Latitude:( 39.5944192 ) Longitude:( 21.1076724 )

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Syrrako is a village of Epirus and specifically belongs to the prefecture of Ioannina. It belongs to the Municipality of North Tzoumerka and is built at an altitude of 1150m. on a hillside of Lakmos mountain. The name Syrrako comes from the Slavic word seraco meaning poor and barren. This designation was probably due to the overgrazing of the area. Syrrako has declared a traditional settlement, as this village with Kalarrytes village, are the only ones that have preserved until today the Epirus architecture in the south of the prefecture of Ioannina. To the preservation of the traditional architecture has contributed the fact that the entrance of motor vehicles in the village is prohibited. Syrrako founded around the 15th century A.D. The first inhabitants were mainly engaged in trade, farming and silverware. From Syrrako came John Kolettis, who was a fighter in 1821 and then became the first constitutional prime minister of Greece. Syrrako led by John Kolettis participated in the revolution, which suppressed by Hoursit Pasha. The village was burned completely, but then it was rebuilt and flourished economically. The poet Kostas Krystallis, and the poet and fighter of 1821 George Zalokostas also came from Syrrako.


Syrrako is 52 km. away from Ioannina, 292 km. from Thessaloniki, 459 km. from Athens and 265 km. from Patra.


In Syrrako you will see many large and rich buildings, testifying the great economic prosperity that the village saw in the past. There stands a three-storey building that previously served as elementary school, but now houses a hotel. In the square dominate two large trees and the church of St. Nicholas. Quite close to the square we will find the covered stone fountain of "Goura" which has three outlets and from which comes chilled water from the mountains.


For your stay in Syrrako you can choose among many hotels and guesthouses. In the village there are also many restaurants to savor the traditional Epirus flavors, as well as a cafeteria.


Near Syrrako are located Ioannina and Arta. If you visit Syrrako, you can visit other villages like Kalarrytes, Christoi, Prosilio, Paleochori, Pramanta, Tsopela etc.

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Συρράκο Τζουμέρκα Syrrako Tzoumerka
Συρράκο Τζουμέρκα Syrrako Tzoumerka
Συρράκο Τζουμέρκα Syrrako Tzoumerka
Συρράκο Τζουμέρκα Syrrako Tzoumerka

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