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Sights Αρχαίος οικισμός Μολοσσών Βίτσας Info and Map for Vitsa Κεντρικό Ζαγόρι, Zagorochoria

Info for Αρχαίος οικισμός Μολοσσών Βίτσας


Vitsa is a mountain village of Ioannina. In this settlement the existence of life already confirmed from the prehistoric period through excavation data and indicators that the names provide. The sex of Molossos was inducted in Zagori in historical times, which we can infer from archaeological evidence found in Vitsa, Skamneli, Elafotopos and Kastraki. Specifically at location "Genitsari" between the villages Vitsa and Monodendri is one of the oldest settlements ever discovered in the Zagori region. It is a farming village which was the summer residence of pastoralists, which is confirmed by archaeological finds. The ancient settlement is of particular historical significance as the discovery brought to light elements about life, culture and customs of Molossos. Next to the village there are two cemeteries dating from the 9th-8th century by the end of the 4th century B.C. , in which were found many graves with weapons, swords, knives, spearheads, jewelry, necklaces, rings etc. inside them. Furthermore, in all the tombs were found Corinthian and Attic vases of 6th to 4th century B.C. The finds discovered in the area are exposed to the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina. Striking feature is the variety in the way of construction of tombs. The settlement seems to have existed until classical times, when it was destroyed in the late 4th century by fire. Excavations started in 1965 by I.Vokotopoulou.

More generally, Molossoi chose as central settlements of foundation hills that allowed the good visibility of the surrounding area and that were located away from moisture. However, from all the excavation data it seems that the sex of Molossos took too long to create cities, and for this it lived in small unfortified areas.

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