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Latitude:( 40.036439 ) Longitude:( 20.745175 )

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In 1870-1871 southwest of Konitsa Ziogas Frontzos from Pyrsogianni, an illiterate craftsman, with a further 50 craftsmen built the famous arched bridge of Konitsa. The craftsmen were divided into two groups and began construction on both sides of the river, while the last stone placed honorary in the middle the master craftsman Ziogas Frontzos. The bridge is located right at the entrance of the gorge of Aoos in a magnificent location. In the construction of the bridge contributed the donations of the residents of Konitsa and especially John Loulis, who descended from Ioannina, because he spent about half the amount of 120,000 piastres which cost the construction of a whole. Previously, in the exact same location, namely in 1823, there was a wooden bridge but rapidly destroyed due to river’s momentum. The existing bridge is stone and has 36m. arc opening and 20 meters height. What stands out in this bridge is that beneath the arch there is a small bell, which rang when blowing strong wind warning in this way the passers not to go through the bridge so as not to be lured by the strong wind and fall. The bell was lost, but was replaced in 1975. Another item that singles bridge of Konitsa is the huge arch, which is the second largest in Greece and the biggest in the Balkans. On the bridge there is a small rectangular recess, in which should have been placed inscription .The 1913 Turks with Tzavit Pasha, during their retreat, tried to blow up the bridge, but they did not make it so the bridge remains in place , kept in very good condition and so you can visit. The beautiful River Aoos and the bridge of Konitsa create an environment where the nature connects with human civilization.

From the bridge a path leads to the Monastery of Stomio and continues climbing to Drakolimni Gamilas. The bridge is located in Konitsa, near the border with Albania, which before the construction of the Egnatia Highway was the main crossing from Macedonia to Epirus and now constitutes a crossroads for excursions to Zagorochoria.

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Γεφύρι Κόνιτσας
Γεφύρι Κόνιτσας

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