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Place Dilofo Info and Map for Dilofo Κεντρικό Ζαγόρι, Zagorochoria

Latitude:( 39.8536879 ) Longitude:( 20.7650321 )

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Dilofo, one of the most picturesque and well-preserved villages of Epirus, is one of the 46 villages of Zagorochoria and specifically comes under the Central Zagori. Dilofo belongs to the prefecture of Ioannina and is built at an altitude of 850 meters. on the slopes of Tymfi. According to the last census in Dilofo live 24 residents, who are engaged in farming and tourism. By 1920 the village was called Sopotseli that in Vlach and in Slavic means "land of many waters". Then it named Dilofo because the settlement is built on two hills. Dilofo in 1969 was declared a place of particular natural beauty, while the 1979 featured traditional settlement. Dilofo featured traditional village and preserved because no longer novelties and interventions allowed, but only restoration and reconstruction of old buildings. It should be stressed that all the buildings are made from local slate. Similarly, the prohibition of cars crossing the village has contributed to the preservation of this traditional Zagoria nature.


Dilofo is 32 km. away from Ioannina. From Thessaloniki you can cover a distance of 260 km. through Egnatia Road and arrive in Ioannina, or head to Konitsa. From Athens you can come to Ioannina via Patras, covering 445km., or via the National Road Athens - Lamia.


In Dilofo you can see stone fountains, cobbled streets, churches and mansions. In the village you will find the tallest house of Zagori height 13,5m. The house Makropoulos or Loumidis as it is called, was built by the son of a wealthy Zagoritis for the sake of his wife, which wanted to be gazing at her village, the neighboring Koukouli. In Dilofo also singles Anagnostopoulos school building in the square that was founded in 1855 and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary built in 1857. Finally, from the main square begin streets leading to the neighborhoods of the village and end up on a hilltop. The hill offers a spectacular view towards Dilofo, nature and mountain of Tymfi and Mitsikeli.


In Dilofo you can find hotels and hostels for your stay, which will offer you pleasant hospitality. Also in the village you will find taverns and cafes where you can taste the traditional dishes and sip your coffee.


Close to Dilofo are other Zagorochoria, like Kipi, Vitsa, Koukouli, Monodendri, etc. Also, if you visit Dilofo, you can travel to Ioannina, Metsovo and Konitsa.

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Δίλοφο Ζαγοροχώρια Dilofo, Ioannina
Δίλοφο Ζαγοροχώρια Dilofo, Ioannina

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