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Place Doliani Info and Map for Doliani Ανατολικό Ζαγόρι, Κοιλάδα του Ζαγορίτικου, Zagorochoria

Latitude:( 39.8229278 ) Longitude:( 20.9518641 )

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Doliani is a mountain village in Epirus, one of the 46 of Zagorochoria of Ioannina. Doliani is built at an altitude of 920m. at East Zagori. To 1943 was burned down three times by the Germans and therefore featured martyr village. It is said that during the Second World War were destroyed 93 stone houses that’s why in the village have now very few old houses. The name of the village is considered to have Slavic origin. John Lampridis writes that means "place of gorge" and "downhill". Doliani really is in downhill terrain. Also, the word dol in Slavic means valley and gorge. This fully justifies the designation of John Lambridis. In 1955, the settlement and the community attempted to be renamed to New Amarousio. In 1984, however, they called again Doliani. In the village do not stay more than 60 residents. Their main occupation is agriculture, livestock, beekeeping and logging.


Doliani is 45 km. away from Ioannina. From Thessaloniki you can cover a distance of 260 km. through Egnatia Road and arrive in Ioannina, or head to Konitsa. From Athens you can come to Ioannina via Patras, covering 445km., or via the National Road Athens - Lamia.


In Doliani you can see many cobblestone, stone fountains, the church of the Assumption, built in 1800, it is entirely stone-built and has a loggia and bell tower, and many stone bridges. The most important are: the bridge of Kotti located behind the church in the west of the village. The bridge at house Alexidi is also located within the village. The bridge of Lalos or Lalainas is located within the village. The Big and Small bridge Stalos is one-arched and took their name from the word Stalos means "shady place to rest sheep at midday." The bridge of Papailias is within the village and next to it there is a fountain. It was named by the Pope who lived in an adjacent house. Finally, the bridge of Gkalnterousias is the most impressive and is located on the road to Doliani. All bridges bridge streams of river of Varda, tributary of Arachthos.


For your stay in Doliani you can select some of the elegant hostels of the village. In the village you will also find taverns, where you can find traditional dishes, and Zagori cafe. Please be aware that in the village are organized events for friends of mushrooms , as in this area of ​​Doliani there are underground mushrooms / black truffle.


If you visit Doliani, you can browse the wider region of East Zagori. Fragades, Makrino, Flabourari and other villages are close enough to Doliani. The nearest city from Doliani is Ioannina.

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Δόλιανη Ζαγοροχώρια Doliani, Ioannina
Δόλιανη Ζαγοροχώρια Doliani, Ioannina

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