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Place Ιωάννινα Info and Map for Ioannina Ιωάννινα Ioannina

Latitude:( 39.6655560 ) Longitude:( 20.8538249 )

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The city of Ioannina is the capital of Epirus and the capital of the same prefecture and consists the largest city in this geographical region. Built at an altitude of 480m. manages to combine tradition with innovation, historical memory and develop in an environment of natural beauty. Nature lovers can enjoy a city next to mountains with abundant forests, rivers and valleys that are home to wildlife.


The completion of the Egnatia Highway serving the easy access to the city for those coming from the east of the country. To this, also, contributes the airport. Ioannina is 260 km away from Thessaloniki, 445km. from Athens, 100km. from Igoumenitsa, 260 km. from Patras.


The city, founded in the 6th century by the Byzantine emperor Justinian, stands on the banks of Lake Pamvotis, where one can visit the island of Ioannina in which the house-refuge of Ali Pasha and Byzantine monasteries. It is worth noting that the island of the lake of Ioannina is even inhabited. Necessary is the visit to the castle of Ali Pasha, where one can enjoy the view of the city. Also famous is the market with handicrafts such as jewelry of different metals, furniture, textiles, etc. The Byzantine Museum of Ioannina, the Goldsmith Museum and the Wax Museum of Paul Vrellis (inside and outside of the city) are some of the other local attractions.


For your stay there are hotels in Ioannina inside and outside the city. Regarding diet, guests can taste lake fish in islet, or to sit for raki or ouzo accompanied by delicious appetizers. The Greek cuisine restaurants and the grill abound. The city is also famous for its sweets.


Just 4km. from Ioannina is the Cave of Perama. The cave is 850 meters long and the combination of stalagmites and stalactites creates an idyllic atmosphere. Further afield, 22 km. from Ioannina, is one of the largest theaters of the ancient world, the ancient theater of Dodona along with the famous Oracle of Dodona. Northeast of the city of Ioannina is dominated Zagorohoria, 46 villages of great natural beauty up in the mountains. 35 km. from Ioannina is located Metsovo, a beautiful picturesque town famous for cheese produces and grills. 30 km. away from Ioannina lie the Athamanika Mountains or Tzoumerka, forming part of the Pindos mountain range and surrounded by a number of beautiful graphic villages. Further afield, 64 km. from Ioannina you can visit the town of Konitsa and historical Mastorochoria, traditional villages mainly stone-built, located on the border with Albania, which crosses the river Sarandaporos.

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