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Sights Λαογραφικό μουσείο Λαζαρίδη Info and Map for Koukouli Κεντρικό Ζαγόρι, Zagorochoria

Latitude:( 39.8717730 ) Longitude:( 20.7756358 )

Λαογραφικό μουσείο Λαζαρίδη Map
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Info for Λαογραφικό μουσείο Λαζαρίδη


Lazaridis Folklore Museum is located in the traditional village Koukouli and housed in the home of his creator Kostas Lazaridis. Kostas Lazaridis with particular interest collected rare flora of the wider area of ​​Vikos. Specifically, he collected 1240 different plant species belonging to 96 of the 149 plant families worldwide. In Lazaridis Folklore Museum are exposed plants and herbs of the region of Zagori with medicinal properties. These were used by the known "vikogiatroi". These practical doctors were collecting the plants that grow on rocks and canyons of Vikos and from those they manufactured therapeutic products, which sold for their medicinal properties. In the spiritual center visitors can see all the diverse collection of Zagori teacher ordered, along with information about where and when he collected the plants and even their Latin names. Plants and herbs of Vikos region attracted the interest of many herbalists because of their rarity and their medicinal properties. In the museum there is  also the tool used by Kostas Lazaridis for the transport of herbs. Also in the Museum are all the studies and work that made Kostas Lazaridis on the history and folklore of Zagori, as well as material from his time as a teacher. Anyone interested may spot to study. The museum walls are decorated with old photographs, while admiration causes the traditional and well-kept building, which houses the museum, which is a fine example of local architecture.

Kostas Lazaridis was born in 1904 in Koukouli of Zagori. He was a teacher in the villages of Central Zagori, but nevertheless showed interest in history, manners and customs of the area and recorded them in books and magazines. Specifically, he published 53 books. During his life he brought together a wide variety of plants and herbs and in 1853 donated this huge collection, along with the house, for housing the Folklore Museum Lazaridis. But Kostas Lazaridis died before seeing the completion of the Museum. The Museum is open from August 1990 with a donation of Rizarios Church School.


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Folklore Museum Lazaridis

Address: Koukouli Zagori

Phone: 26530-71770

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Λαογραφικό μουσείο Λαζαρίδη
Λαογραφικό μουσείο Λαζαρίδη

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