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Place Info and Map for Metsovo Μέτσοβο Metsovo

Latitude:( 39.7702982 ) Longitude:( 21.1829426 )

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Metsovo, a large village of Ioannina, is situated between the mountains of Pindos, in a magnificent green landscape, at an altitude of 1160m. Metsovo combines traditional architecture with developed infrastructure and is now a popular tourist destination. The inhabitants of Metsovo are mainly Vlach and engaged mostly in farming. Also, much of the population is engaged in wood crafts, folk art and milk. The name Metsovo is of Slavic origin and was formed from the synthetic "metska" meaning bear and "ovo" meaning village.


Metsovo is 51 km. away from Ioannina. Generally, the access to the area was difficult because is mountainous and in winter prevailing extreme weather. But in 2009 Metsovo was connected with Egnatia Odos and thus with the completion of the project the road access for those coming from northern Greece became easier. Metsovo is 216 km. away from Thessaloniki and 412km. away from Athens.


Traditional houses, built in accordance with the architecture of Metsovo that combines wood and stone, picturesque narrow streets and over 25 stone fountains with running, clean and cold water of Pindos compose the beautiful village of Metsovo. In Metsovo stands the church of Agia Paraskevi and the bell tower in the central square with the big trees, as well as the monastery of St. Nicholas. The Tositsa Mansion, which houses the Folklore Museum, the Averof winery and the gallery E. Averof, in which are exhibited about 250 paintings by artists from the 19th and 20th c., will certainly attract your interest. During the winter months in Metsovo operates the ski center, which combined with the landscape of natural beauty attracts many visitors.


In Metsovo there are plenty of accommodations for your stay. Hotels, hostels and apartments promise to satisfy the different tastes of visitors offering a pleasant and comfortable stay. The large village is full of cafes, tavernas and grills and is known for its delicious local meat and particularly for its famous kontosouvli. Metsovo is also famous for the manufacture of two cheeses that have the name metsovone and metsovelas, but also for the manufacture of wine.


If you visit Metsovo, do not miss to visit the city of Ioannina. Next to Metsovo are other villages worth visiting as Anilio, Anthohori, Chrysovitsa, Milia and Votonosi. In the village Anilio there is also ski resort. Also, near Metsovo lies the Aoos artificial lake. You can visit the lake and make the round by car or bicycle.

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