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Place Μεσοβούνι Info and Map for Mesovouni Δυτικό Ζαγόρι, Κοιλάδα του Βοϊδομάτη, Zagorochoria

Latitude:( 39.9399893 ) Longitude:( 20.6410017 )

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Mesovouni is situated in Western Zagori, built on the western slopes of Tymfi at an altitude of 680m. This village of Epirus belongs to the prefecture of Ioannina. The current location does not justify this designation, since the village is not located between mountains. The settlement of Mesovouni moved to that position from its earlier position "Palaiochori" that really stood between mountains. When exactly Mesovouni was found is unknown, however, the installation of the residents in this position was the 16th century. The village does not preserve traditional architecture, because it suffered damages during the Second World War. In 2005 Mesovouni described as a martyr village. Also, belongs among the smallest in area ​​Zagorian villages.


Mesovouni is 41km. away from Ioannina. From Thessaloniki you can cover a distance of 260 km. through Egnatia Road and arrive in Ioannina, or head to Konitsa. From Athens you can come to Ioannina via Patras, covering 445km., or via the National Road Athens - Lamia.


In Mesovouni you can see the Community hostel, the beautiful square, where is dominated the statue of benefactor K. Chantzaropoulou, and the two-story school. Interesting is the Information Stand of Mesovouni, which presents exhibits on the natural environment, history and the residential landscape of Zagori. At the entrance of the village you will see the church of the Assumption that built in 1858 and has an imposing bell tower. In Mesovouni lies the chapel of Saint Charalambos. It is said that in this place was Mesovouni earlier built. On a hill near the village is the cemetery of the Greek-Italian war, which testifies that Mesovouni and the surrounding area were a battleground.


For your stay in Mesovouni, you can choose a village of West Zagori. In West Zagori you will find many suggestions for accommodation, as well as for your board.


Near Mesovouni are other villages of West Zagori, such as Agios Minas, Aristi, Vikos, Mikro and Megalo Papigo etc. Particularly popular destinations near Mesovouni are Ioannina, Metsovo and Konitsa.

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