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Place Φραγκάδες Info and Map for Fragades Κεντρικό Ζαγόρι, Zagorochoria

Latitude:( 39.8298339 ) Longitude:( 20.8842353 )

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is a village of Central Zagori in Epirus. It belongs to the prefecture of Ioannina and is one of the 46 villages of Zagorochoria. Built on the southern slopes of Tymfi at an altitude of 960m., they are surrounded by dense forests. The wonderful nature, the plentiful forests and streams will immersive the nature lovers. Fragades took their name from someone Antony Frago on 23 December of 1384 who murdered in that area the Serbian ruler of Ioannina Thomas Preloumpo. The village has been declared a traditional settlement since many mansions are maintained. In 1943 Fragades, like most villages of Zagorochoria, were burned by the Germans. In the census of 2011 in the village lived 77 residents.


Fragades is 54km. away from Ioannina. From Thessaloniki you can cover a distance of 260 km. through Egnatia Road and arrive in Ioannina, or head to Konitsa. From Athens you can come to Ioannina via Patras, covering 445km., or via the National Road Athens - Lamia.


In Fragades the main attraction is the stone church of Agios Dimitrios that is located in the village square and was built in 1799. The church is a typical example of Zagoritiki architecture and features a stone steeple. You can also see the large plane tree in the square, the old watermill of Valeka and stone bridge of Petsioti which is one of the largest and most impressive of Zagori. Beneath the main square there is the monastery of Agios Nikolaos, which was founded in 1578 and was damaged, so today survives only the catholic.


For your stay in Fragades you can choose the hostel in the village. The hostel offers its services to guests for an enjoyable stay. It also has a restaurant. From Fragades begins a path that leads to Dipotamo after 2 hours. Also in Fragades is based the Observatory of Zagori, a nonprofit organization for the dissemination of astronomy.


Close to Fragades are other villages of Central Zagori such as Doliani, Leptokarya, Dipotamo Kalouta, Dikorfo, Negades, Kipi etc. Popular destinations close to Fragades are Ioannina, Metsovo and Konitsa.

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