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Latitude:( 40.228465 ) Longitude:( 20.914278 )

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The stone bridge Zermas or Kantsiotiko is located in Sarantaporos northeast of Konitsa, between villages Plagia and Drosopigi that years ago were called Zerma and Kantsiko. The bridge is built at a point where the valley of Sarantaporos narrows enough and so the craftsmen have the opportunity to bridge. When bridge Zermas or Kantsiotiko was built is not known. However, the sharp tips endings indicate the origin of the old. According to the scholar Th. Zioga the bridge was constructed in 1747 taking into account a relief inscription plate fitted in Plagia. The bridge was essentially a means of communication between Drosopigi and other villages such as Plagia, Lykorrachi etc. and the monastery of Our Lady built in the 15th century. The Zermas or Kantsiotiko bridge is the only surviving stone bridge in the main bed of Sarantaporos. Next to the bridge was operated a mill that belonged to the monastery of Our Lady that is located nearby. During the 19th and 20th century some attempts were made to repair and restore the bridge. If you are in the area, the bridge is worth visiting.

According to tradition, in Zerma say that a Turkish woman who had no children donated money to build the bridge, while in Kantsiko say that a woman donated this bridge to save her sick child. The most likely and convincing version is to have undertaken the construction of the bridge the monastery of Zerma. Among villages Zerma and Kantsiko was created tension because there were disagreements about the manufacturing date, the craftsmen and the name of the bridge. The bridge is double-arched and has arc opening 15,75m. (Large arrow), 7,50m. (Small arrow), 1.60m. (window). The bridge Zermas or Kantsiotiko has a height of 7,00m. (Large arrow), 3,50m. (Small arrow), 1,00m. (window). The deck length is 33,50m., while the deck width is 2,85m.

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Γεφύρι Ζέρμας ή Καντσιώτικο
Γεφύρι Ζέρμας ή Καντσιώτικο

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